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Turn your veranda into a garden room.

Imagine you sit under your veranda with a delicious coffee. The sun is shining, but the cold wind is blowing underneath. Not only your coffee, but also you cool down quickly. You walk in and think: if only I had glass sliding doors…

Don’t worry, because in a short time you can transform your beautiful veranda into a garden room with glass sliding doors. Difficult? Not at all. Even with two left hands you can install the sliding doors yourself. With this blog we help you in 6 steps to do this yourself. This way you will be enjoying this sustainable solution for your veranda before you know it. And the great thing: no ‘professional’ will be involved.

Watch the assembly video

We start with the assembly video that we made especially for you. In this video you can easily see step by step how to assemble glass sliding doors.

Install your glass sliding doors in 6 steps

Before you diligently get started with your handiwork, we will explain the steps below one by one. Helpful to print out and take with you.

Step 0: Preparation

A good start is half the work. Especially when it comes to chores. So don’t get started too quickly, but first prepare well and read up on it. This will save you a lot of time afterwards. To help you with this, we ask you some essential preparation questions. That way you know what applies to your situation.

Where do you want to place the glass sliding doors?

This question is important to determine what the size of your glass sliding doors should be and to buy the right fastener. The fasteners you need for the top rail, bottom rail and U-profiles for the side connection depend on the type of surface (steel, concrete, or wood).

Is the foundation in that place good or do I have to adjust first?

The foundation for glass sliding doors is important, but not complicated. What it comes down to is that the surface must be paved, smooth and level. A quick and easy way to achieve this is to use a “tube foundation”. This is an aluminium tube that you place in the ground under the rail.

What dimensions do you need? How many tracks would you like? And what kind of overlap do you need for the glass sliding doors?

The glass sliding doors from Sky Garden are available with glass panels with an installation height of 200 to 250 cm and a width of 64, 82 or 98 cm.

Step 1: Assembly preparation

You are well prepared and have all the materials for the glass sliding doors at home. Prepare everything carefully. Place the parts on a soft, clean, and flat surface to prevent damage to your glass sliding doors. Never place the glass panels directly on the ground. Tempered glass is scratch sensitive. Before you start the actual assembly, have the right tools ready. For example, think of a spirit level, tape measure, pencil, drill, saw, box cutter and a ladder.

Step 2: Adjust running wheels

The wheel systems are already fully prepared at Sky Garden and no longer need to be mounted. All you must do is unscrew the running wheels on the front side.

Step 3: Pre-assemble the glass panel

Place a glass panel stably and horizontally at working height. For example, on a table or on trestles. Place something between the substrate and the glass panel to prevent damage. Then slide the U-rubber over the entire underside of the glass panel and cut the rubber to size.

Now the H-profile must be slid over the U-rubber with the open side. A good tip is to spread some washing-up liquid or Glassex over the U-rubber of the glass panel. That makes it easier.

Repeat the above steps for all glass doors.

Step 4: Assemble Top and Bottom Rails.

Measure the installation width of the top rails at the top of the opening. Place the top rail at working height on, for example, a table or on trestles. Mark the installation width on the top rail and saw off to the correct length.

Mark the drill holes in the centre of the profile. Start 10cm from the edge and mark the next holes 70-90cm from the previous hole. Then you drill holes of ø4mm and countersink the holes ø8mm at the bottom.

Now you can start mounting the top rail. Place the top rail against the top of the opening and check that it is level. Then screw the top rail to the gutter profile or top beam. The type of fastener, as described earlier, depends on the type of substrate.

Repeat all the above steps for the bottom rail as well. The only thing you have to pay attention to is that when mounting the bottom rail, make sure that the water drainage slot is on the outside.

Step 5: Placing glass panels

After all these steps it is finally time to put the glass panels in the system! Make sure you are with two people for this. It is important to always choose the right ‘track’ for the glass panel.

Take the first glass panel and insert it into the 1st track in the top rail. Then lower the glass panel onto the same track on the bottom rail.

Repeat these steps until all glass panels are installed in the rail.

Step 6: Adjusting the Glass Panels

You’re almost there now. You only need to check whether all panels are straight. In some cases, the surface is not completely level, which means that it can deviate. Fortunately, it is very easy to adjust the glass panels properly. You do this by adjusting the running wheels to the correct height with a Phillips screwdriver.

Done? Then your glass sliding doors are ready. Time to enjoy!

Glass sliding doors options

You can make your glass sliding doors even more beautiful and comfortable. Below we briefly outline the possibilities:


U-profiles are available for the side finish of a glass sliding door. These profiles can be mounted on the glass door or side for a neat finish and absorb any strange sight with a crooked wall.


Without handles, you quickly get dirty fingerprints when you want to open or close the glass sliding doors. Prevent this by adding a handle to the glass sliding doors.


As a finishing touch to the glass sliding doors, aluminium profiles can be mounted on the sides of the glass panels with brushes. These provide a windproof finish and stabilize and support the glass doors when sliding.


‘Retainers’ ensure that all panels are automatically included when the glass sliding door is opened or closed. This way you can easily open or close the entire system. The carriers can be mounted variably in the profile, so that you can determine yourself where you want the panels to overlap.

How to mount these options is easy to find in the supplied mounting manual.

To work!

Piece of cake, right? Hope you have fun!

If you still can’t figure it out, have questions or want to buy immediately? Contact a Sky Garden dealer in your area quickly and request information and a quote!

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