Louvered Roofs

With one of our verandas you have the ability to create an extra living space outdoors, and with your terrace always under cover you have the option to use it all year round, not just the summer months! Regardless of the weather conditions, even when it rains hard, you can enjoy your garden and stay dry.

led gazebo


alluminium | available in three stylish colours

Want to decide for yourself how you can enjoy the sun and the weather under your veranda? This is possible with the Pinela veranda from Sky Garden. With the remote control you can easily tilt the panels on the roof to a different position. This way you have full control to play with the light levels, shade and airflow under your roof.


Pinela Deluxe

alluminium | available in three stylish colours

A unique experience is guaranteed with the stylish Pinela Deluxe from Sky Garden. The panels of this veranda can easily be moved to one side with the push of a button, giving you a completely open space above your terrace. Allowing you to experience the ultimate outdoor feeling regardless of the weather. In the open position, the pergola offers maximum light. At the same time, in a closed position the Pinela Deluxe protects against various weather conditions and offers you a shady spot on sunny days. Rain or shine, you will be able to experience optimum outdoor living.

garden and pool gazebos

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