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How a hospitality veranda will boost your turnover.

As the owner of a hospitality business, you are looking for opportunities to increase your turnover. Certainly, in the current situation where space must be guaranteed between the tables. By upgrading your outdoor eating area or beer garden, you provide a sustainable solution that gives you and your guests maximum pleasure. In this blog we will tell you why upgrading your patio with a veranda is more than worth it.

A hospitality veranda provides the perfect atmosphere

In the spring and summer, the terrace is the turnover maker for many catering entrepreneurs. The more beautiful and atmospheric the outdoor space, the more it invites guests to take a seat. And for your guest, nothing is more attractive than the atmosphere of a full terrace. Your terrace is not only functional, itis the representation of the quality of your business. The most accommodating beer gardens will attract the most customers.

With an attractive veranda, the right patio furniture and the right range of dishes and drinks, you can turn your business into a special place where your guests can relax and enjoy being back in normality. Because thanks to a veranda you are not dependent on the weather. If you also enhance the veranda with sliding glass doors, you will also make your terrace suitable for guests to enjoy every day of the year.

With a hospitality veranda you can use your terrace for all four seasons

Sit on the terrace while enjoying a nice snack and drink. The weather in the UK does not always allow this. However, with a pergola, the weather doesn’t have to be a bummer. Regardless of the weather conditions, your guests can enjoy the terrace. Every season.

Sky Garden’s verandas make it easy to enjoy the outdoors. This way you can keep the heat away from your patio on very hot days. And at the same time, you retain the heat on colder (winter) days. In addition, a veranda offers protection against wind and rain, in combination with sliding glass doors. All this ensures that your guests enjoy your hospitality veranda more often and for longer. The result? More capacity and the opportunity to generate more sales all year round.

A hospitality veranda from Sky Garden makes your outdoor area flexible. This way your guests not only enjoy protection against rain and wind, when your guests are hungry for the sun, simply open the veranda. Sky Garden has an extensive range of aluminium verandas. Among other things, folding roofs and louvred roofs that can be controlled with a remote control, giving you the ability to offer your guests the ideal terrace conditions at all times.

With a hospitality veranda you can make optimal use of the available m2

As an owner, you want to use your available square meters as effectively as possible. Especially now. It is important to make the right choices with regards to furniture and layout. At the same time, a veranda offers the possibility to make optimum use of these square meters outside.

Sky Garden offers different types of solutions depending on the available space and budget. For example, we sell “linkable” roof systems if you have a large surface that you would like to cover.

Or perhaps you have a terrace where you have to work with different angles. Thanks to the modular system of our aluminium verandas, we can also help you cover larger or different patio sizes.

The best beer gardens attract the most customers

Beer gardens have always been a special British phenomenon. Remember the bank holidays when the sun is shining and you see pubs swimming with customers. It’s always the pubs with the best beer gardens that attract the most people. Sky Garden’s range of aluminium verandas can be adapted to suit all shapes and sizes of beer gardens, as well as all budgets. If your pub is planning on opening on April 12th you need to be thinking about what you offer that will attract the right number of customers for you to make profit. With a Sky Garden veranda you can offer covered outdoor space that will allow you to operate safely and at a higher capacity. When the rain comes your customers need somewhere to position themselves so that they don’t get wet. Otherwise, they will go home. To find out more about how you can improve your beer garden to attract more customers and how to make more profit when the weather is bad speak to Sky Garden, we’ve got you covered.

Recoup your investment

Create a cosy, sheltered and attractive place with a hospitality patio cover, where your guests can relax. Regardless of the weather, temperature or time of year. And because you make optimal use of your space, you can fully benefit from this investment. In fact, because of the extra turnover you make, you will earn back this investment in no time and you make your outdoor area more attractive.

Sky Garden is the partner for your hospitality veranda

Are you curious about what Sky Garden can do for your business? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks to our experience, we can help you with a tailor-made solution. Our local dealer network with specialists is also happy to help you to maximise the potential for your outdoor space. When you fill in this form, we will contact you shortly.

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