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Enjoy your veranda all year round.

When you have a veranda, you always enjoy your garden without getting wet, especially in the summer, you are able to experience real outdoor life. However, when the temperatures start to drop, or there is a cold breeze towards autumn, it quickly becomes less pleasant under your veranda. Don’t worry, with the sliding glass doors you extend the outdoor living feeling. You can use it to transform your roof into a true garden room. In this blog we list them for you.

Enjoy wind-free all year round

With sliding glass doors you can enjoy the outdoors in all seasons, dry and wind-free. You can therefore enjoy your garden earlier and longer in the year. As soon as the first warm sun rays of the year appear, you live outside. At dawn you can enjoy a good book and a delicious coffee, while you are in contact with the outdoors under the comfort of your veranda. And all this without the wind determining on which page you start.  

Applicable in any situation

Glass sliding doors can be used in any situation, depending on the type. Whether you have a wooden veranda at home or enjoy an aluminium version. For example, the Fiano sliding glass doors from Sky Garden is a type that fits everywhere. The only thing you have to make sure is that you fit the corresponding rails. You can read more about this in our DIY assembly blog. Maybe you do not have access to a garden, but do have a balcony? Even then, sliding glass doors are the perfect solution for wind-free enjoyment.


Finally, you are in possession of sliding glass doors and can therefore sit outside in your garden room. Perfect. But what if the sun does come through? The temperature is rising and you feel the need to enjoy the direct rays of the sun with a hint of wind. No problem. With sliding glass walls you are in charge yourself about the way you enjoy your roof and garden. You can slide them open in good weather but can also easily close them again when desired.

Less noise

As soon as your sliding glass doors are closed, the outside noises are muffled. Sure, you can hear some birds chirping, but that’s all part of the outdoors. But you don’t hear the motor of the neighbours across the street that goes through the sound barrier. It also works the other way around: the neighbours cannot listen in on the intimate conversations in your garden room. And that’s a nice idea.  

Protection for your garden furniture

When you are in possession of sliding glass doors, you are automatically kind to your garden furniture. You do not have to cover them against the weather. This keeps your furniture beautiful for longer, requiring less maintenance. Ideal.

Sustainable solution

Glass sliding doors not only give your garden furniture a longer lifespan but are also a sustainable solution themselves. The sliding glass walls and accompanying parts are designed to last extra-long. After all, it would be a shame to have to purchase new sliding walls every year.

Unobstructed view

When you choose glass sliding doors, and not a closed wall, you choose an unobstructed view. For example, Fiano sliding glass doors ensure a full view thanks to the frameless elements. This way you enjoy the sight of your garden to the fullest.

Are you convinced and can’t wait to add sliding glass walls to your veranda? Request a quote here.

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