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Different types of verandas

Protection against the sun and the other elements is of course the main reason for choosing a veranda. But which type of roof best fits your wish list? With the right veranda, it is possible to use your garden just the way you want during every season. In this blog we will list the different types of verandas for you.

If you are looking for a veranda, you will quickly notice that there is a wide choice between different types of roofs. These all have their own appearance and associated characteristics. Do you want a permanent veranda that always offers shelter against the weather? Or do you want to be able to determine for yourself when you have a closed or open roof? Below we list the different types of verandas:

Aluminium veranda

An aluminium veranda is very resistant to all weather conditions and requires little maintenance. This covering usually has a glass roof or a roof with polycarbonate sheets. In addition to protection against rain and wind, this last roof also offers protection against the sun. A glass roof, on the other hand, gives a clearer view. As a result, you can enjoy a carefree (and dry) sky or starry sky.

Folding roof

The biggest advantage of a folding roof is its flexibility. You decide when it is open, half open or completely closed. This way you adapt the roof perfectly to the moment. Do you want to enjoy maximum light during the day? Then open the canvas, and close the curtain as soon as you prefer to experience the benefits of a veranda. If you want to create extra atmosphere in the evening, it is possible to integrate LED lighting in the beams.

Louvered roof

Thanks to a louvered roof, you can weather any storm that comes your way. You determine the position of the panels with a remote control. Tilt these as soon as light is required, and close them when it starts to rain, for example. The Pinela Deluxe is an extra special variant, the panels here slide to one side, creating an open space above the terrace.

Garden room

With most types of verandas, it is possible to provide them with glass sliding doors. A terrace is naturally open, which makes it less attractive during colder (winter) months. A heater can then already contribute to making the temperature more pleasant. However, a solution that guarantees you can enjoy your veranda dry and wind-free is the addition of glass sliding doors. This allows you to create a garden room that you can enjoy all year round.

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